How to support our cause

Make or join a Group of Five

Forming or joining a Group of Five to privately sponsor a refugee and their family means that you will help support them for a year. Support means both financial support for essentials like food, clothing, and housing, and also settlement support like helping the sponsored refugee apply for government programs, learning our official languages, and finding work.

Groups of Five use their own private funds, and in-kind donations from community members and businesses, to meet the needs of the sponsored refugee.

Support a Group of Five

You can support a Group of Five by providing them with cash or in-kind donations for sponsored refugees. In kind donations may include (but are not limited to):

  • providing the use of housing, vehicles, furniture, etc.
  • providing child care, transportation, translation/interpretation, etc.
  • providing dental, optical care, and other medical care
  • providing food, clothing, and other household needs
  • providing language, career, or other education
  • providing job search and career assistance

Contribute goods and services:

We’re looking for individuals or companies who can contribute goods and services to give the refugees’ a successful head start in Canada:

  • housing
  • food staples
  • clothing
  • furniture
  • local transportation
  • professional services in education and immigration, etc.
  • employment opportunities
  • financial support

Please contact us to find out where the needs are greatest in your area.

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